The New iPad (iPad 3) – A Display Ahead of Its Time

As with the first iPad, I ordered my third generation iPad (don’t call it “iPad 3″!) for delivery on the first day it was available. If you have read my other articles here you’ll know I’m an iPad fan, and that I held off on the iPad 2 in anticipation of this new model and it’s rumored (now confirmed) Retina display.

I’m not going to cover a lot of details here since this device has gotten quite a bit of coverage. I didn’t even take a video of me taking it out of the box – you can find a list of those here. But, I will share a few common impressions, and also an issue I haven’t seen covered elsewhere.
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Kindle Fire Review: A Tablet for the Early Majority?

I have in my hands a Kindle Fire, the new $199 (mostly) Android tablet from Amazon. I have had about a day to play around with it so thought I would share my initial impressions. I have had an iPad (1) since launch day, and so that is my main tablet benchmark. I’m sure some of my perspective is biased because of that, but I do think that is a good point of comparison here. Apple still sells refurbished first generation iPads for $399 (as of this writing) and used base models still fetch around $350 on eBay. So, by any measure the Fire undercuts the original multi-touch tablet in price by a longshot.

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Outsourcing App Ideas

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About a year ago, I produced two mobile apps – one for the iPhone and iPod touch and another for both iPhone/iTouch and iPad. To get the apps done, I outsourced the programming work through Elance. In this article, I’ll share my approach and some advice if you’re planning a similar project. My experience is most relevant if you’re thinking of creating a mobile app, but the same general approach should work for desktop applications, web apps, or any other project where you need technical work done that is outside your skill set. Also, I’ll cover the way I managed the process on Elance, but what I learned should largely apply to running similar projects on Odesk,, or any of the other outsourcing services out there.
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Selling Online for Small or Startup Businesses

In this article, I’ll share my thoughts on the best way to start taking credit and debit card payments online for a product or service you plan to sell. If you’re starting up or running a small business on a tight budget, particularly if you’re trying to build your site yourself, this may help you. It is based on my personal experience building a handful of small-scale commercial sites.
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One Year with the iPad

Last week I celebrated an anniversary. I marked my first year of iPad ownership. I ordered my iPad the day they went up for sale, and opted to have it delivered to my home. I decided to be an “early adopter” and take the risk of buying one sight unseen and well before anyone really knew for sure that it would be good. But, I was ready to move early.

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WordPress versus Drupal

Welcome to the new website! For the past few years, I was running on the Drupal content management system (CMS). Before then, I was manually creating HTML pages for the site (so 1990s!) When I initially made the move to a CMS-based site I considered several options to Drupal, including WordPress. But, at the time Drupal was clearly stronger in terms of module support and overall capabilities. Since then my needs have changed, and so have the open source CMS offerings.

When it comes to getting content online quickly and easily, WordPress has always been my preference. The problem was that WordPress was more limited in terms of customization and eCommerce capabilities. At the time, I had plans to sell some products directly from the site. Now I’ve decided to focus the site on content related to my consulting work and perhaps some related interests as well. So, my change in strategy for the site was a key motivator for the migration. But Drupal is not so bad at managing content, and it was already up and running – so why did I put in the effort to make the change? The answer is that the WordPress advantages in ease of use and ease of site management have become even greater with recent versions. (As of this writing, is on WordPress 3.1.)

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